About Pico

 Founded in 1992, the company provides design, manufacturing and installation of a range of hardware and software systems including:
 Nuclear/radiation monitoring instruments  &   Geophysical Survey Instruments  (airborne, vehicle and ground solutions) 

Based in Toronto,Canada the company has installed systems for government and private sector clients.  All design, development and installation is performed by our team of Geophysicists, Engineers and Technicians in-house and are part of the larger company structure that includes Sales, Marketing, Administration and Software design, supporting project installations globally.

Vinci is a global corporation committed to building long-term value for customers, shareholders, employees and society with two lines of business, Concessions and Contracting.  Vinci provides design, finance, build and operate model of infrastructures and facilities, with over 192,700 staff in 100 countries.  The company focuses on concessions and contracting projects including AutoRoute’s, airports, road and rail infrastructure, car parks and stadiums.  Contracting comprises of energy, transport and communication infrastructure, roads, rail and urban development and building, civil and hydraulic engineering and construction related specialties.