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What we Do

Pico Envirotec Inc. is a leader in design and manufacturing of turnkey Geophysical & Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation for precise magnetic and radiation measurements in the air or on the ground. Most of the system are installed on moving platforms aircraft and ATVs. They are mostly used for mining and oil/gas exploration, environmental and radiation monitoring and for archaeological investigations. All design, engineering and development is performed in-house by a team of experienced software and hardware engineers and geophysicists.  Based in Toronto, Canada the company has installed systems for government and private sector clients.  All design, development and installation is performed by our team of Geophysicists, Engineers and Technicians in-house and are part of the larger...

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PDAC – 2017
16 Feb

PDAC – 2017

Please  Visit Pico Envirotec at PDAC 2017 @ Booth #1037, March 5-8 [caption id="attachment_1077" ...
P-THEM demonstration
26 Feb

P-THEM demonstration

Pico Envirotec has developed a new version of their P-THEM TDEM system with higher power output (up ...
A Message from the Chief Operating Officer
5 Feb

A Message from the Chief Operating Officer

Dear valued customers, partners and associates, At Pico Envirotec the primary focus has always b...

Geophysical Systems

Radiation Monitoring

P-THEM test flight


The instrument is designed for portable and mobile spectrometry surveys and in a variety of environments.
The P-THEM provides a tight loop footprint, better spatial object resolution and full wavelength data, which makes it well suited for miner...
Mob-DOSE in Helicopter
Equipped with two energy compensated Geiger Tubes, the device covers a wide range of measurements from 50nSv/h up to 400 mSv/h of GDER (Gamm...
A real-time data acquisition and navigation system designed for airborne (fixed wing and helicopter) geophysical exploration, environmental ...
The  system containing all components for detection, estimation and delimitation of elevated levels of radioactive contamination. Since the ...
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