Pico Envirotec Inc. offers a full range of installation and commissioning services. When your integrated system has arrived at your location and you are ready to install the instrumen-tation into your aircraft or vehicle, PEI will send one or two of its experienced System Engineer’s to your location to assist your personnel to install the equipment on the air-craft or vehicle. Once the system has been installed and successfully commissioned, the engineers will assist your personnel to undertake acceptance tests.

Installation and commissioning services take 2 to 3 weeks to complete under normal circumstances. If required the engineers can also provide assistance to start up surveying operations, providing hands-on training on system operation, even on data QC and pre-liminary data processing.

During the sixteen years PEI has been in business, it has installed more than 100 airborne systems on a wide variety of aircraft and helicopters for clients that include mining com-panies, exploration services companies, and government agencies. Airborne systems designed, built, integrated and installed by PEI are flying in many countries around the world, including Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Ger-many, South Africa, India, Brazil, France, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Libya, Russia, Norway and more. These airborne survey systems include sensors for making measurements of magnetics and magnetic gradients, gammaray spectrometry, time-domain electromagnetics and gravity. In most cases, PEI undertook the installation and commissioning of the system on the Client’s platform in their country.