Pico Envirotec Inc. offers a full range of training services , including:

  • Training on instrumentation and system maintenance
  • Training on instrumentation and system operations
  • Training on geophysical data processing, mapping and interpretation

These training programs can be provided by PEI’s engineers and geophysicists either at its plant in Concord, Ontario, Canada or they can be provided at your location, wherever in the world that may be. Training programs include both classroom sessions and hands-on activities. Training aids such as videos and manuals are provided as a matter of course.

PEI recommends that for any Training Program, the Client should appoint one trainee to be the Training Program Representa-tive, who would be responsible for making decisions during the training program and to sign-off on the program’s completion.

The language of all training will be English. If translators are required, they are to be provided by the Client at its expense. All Training Programs will be provided during normal business hours, unless it is mutually agreed otherwise.

PEI will designate experienced technical personnel to provide training, and may, at its discretion and entirely at its own cost, replace any of these personnel, provided that, sickness or injury excepted, such replacements do not interfere with the progress of the training.